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18/09/08 - Orlando Holiday Pictures

This is my last post about my Orlando Florida holiday and it's purpose is to show the transformation between information site and holiday snaps site!

Here's the old site: More

11/07/08 - Sunshine Price Tapestry Template Discount

As today is a good day, I thought I'd share some love.

As the self-proclaimed Sunshine Price Tapestry ambassador (where's my Ferrero Rocher?!), I've taken 66.67% off the template I designed for Price Tapestry which uses the Sunshine data feed. More

16/05/08 - Travelodge Has A Makeover!

Travelodge, the king of cheap nationwide hotels, has unveiled a new website design The old design was practical and functional, just nothing too great to look at. The new one is a million miles away from this, and features a smidgen of web 2.0 principles too. More

29/04/08 - How To Make An Affiliate Site Look Nothing Like An Affiliate Site!

You've brainstormed an idea for a website (perhaps not one of those listed by Kieron) and you're moving on to the build.

Most people would put a navigation bar to the top or to the side, add some content and some banners.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across Urbane Blinds, an affiliate site that breaks the mould. More

30/01/08 - I've Cracked The Price Comparison Code

For over a year, I've been using Price Tapestry (and for nearly 6 months selling templates for it at Price Tapestry Templates). It's a great piece of software that enables you to operate a price comparison website on a PHP server using XML or CSV product feeds.

I've been running a customised (beyond recognition) version of Price Tapestry over at Compare Sat Nav using my own product feeds I create after manually price checking, once a week (usually on a Friday).

The downside to the whole set up is the fact that it takes 2 hours to manually price check. It's exhausting work too. And monotonous. The answer? More

25/01/08 - PTT New Skin

I've just released a new skin to Price Tapestry Templates. It's out with the blue and in with hot pink.

The forum has yet to be skinned but that's my task over the next few days. More

12/12/07 - Designed To Adapt

Conscious that I'm submerged in another project and hence neglecting this site, I thought I would share a valuable lesson - something I've touched on before.

A lot of my sites now follow the same kind of design principles - so much so, I have built a standard template that can be adapted in half an hour to suit most of my sites.

Furthermore, scripts I use get recycled too. My current project architecture will be used on two sites. All I'll have to do is change a configuration file.

So in a nutshell, here's the benefits of recycling your websites. More

06/12/07 - Use CSV or XML Files And Make Your Life Easier!

If you are designing a directory site such as my hotel room website, my breakdown cover site or my credit card site, it's much easier to either build in an admin interface or to use a simple script that can parse CSV / XML files.

Why? More

13/11/07 - Christmas Is A time Of Ideas

Argh, Christmas is looming and I've now got too many ideas to action!

I've got a script I want to code (which is to be resold), I've got a couple of websites I want to build and a couple I want to redevelop.

Where do I start?! More

01/11/07 - Caution - Genius At Work!

It's nice when things come together as they should. I logged onto the site today to see a new design - out with the pumpkin and in with the fireworks! More

26/10/07 - The End Of Voucher Code Sites?

There has been a series of voucher code bloopers as reported by e-consultancy lately: Threshers, Sainsbury's, Hamleys and Littlewoods.

Furthermore, what with sites like Tesco are stopping voucher codes from being displayed on websites and affiliates reporting voucher code theft, is this the beginning of the end for voucher code websites? More

23/10/07 - Solving A Problem That Should Never Have Existed!

When I took out my hosting package, I noticed a small condition that limited the amount of emails I could send out to 250 emails an hour.

That's not a problem until you want to set up a mailing list but after 2 days of coding, I've come up with a solution. More

08/10/07 - Flash Graphs

I've just finished changing the graphs on Compare Sat Nav to a SWF Flash alternative. The way I used to create them was via the PHP imagejpeg function, generating an image from my price check data. Now, I have integrated the Open Source software Open Flash Chart.

Here's a demo of a small graph (Navman S30) and a bigger graph (TomTom One GB). More

05/10/07 - Blog Redesign In 24 Hours

Yesterday I announced I needed a new blog design and today I have one!

I've gone one step further and built 12 templates so I get a fresh new look each month automatically. I've also added some extra features. More

04/10/07 - Wow, That Blog Re-Design Bandwagon Moves Fast!

Unless you live in a cave, you'll have noticed Kieron's new blog design and James Little's new look.

Well that looks like a fun new bandwagon to jump onto so I'm announcing I will soon be releasing a new design, so expect some odd looking pages for a few days! More

01/10/07 - Open Source Digg Software

Nothing to do with Digg itself but there's an open source Digg style script called Pligg which means you can create your very own Digg style service.

Some examples that already use this script are: More

25/09/07 - Mashup Of The Day - Scholr!

Scholr has been named Mashup of the Day 25th September 2007 over at ProgrammableWeb. More

13/09/07 - Snazzy API Mashups

For those who like to delve into a bit of code and create web solutions, here's some excellent examples of what can be achieved through the use of API's. More

31/08/07 - Thanks To Tony Of WorkCircle

For those of you who haven't come across Workcircle, they are a jobs website which offer a JavaScript widget enabling you to show jobs for particular industries.

Anyway, I've received my first payment thanks to Tony, an extremely friendly chap.

here's some examples of the Workcircle widget for those who haven't yet come across it. More

28/08/07 - Integrating the Ebay API Into Price Tapestry

I've spent all morning working on this and am rather pleased with the end result.

Check out the Compare Sat Nav page for the Navman F20 at and you'll see a live example of what I'm about to talk about. More

08/08/07 - Trying Out Amazon's Text Links

You've probably noticed the red double underlined links that appear on this site and you'll have probably guessed that when you hover over them, they turn red. I have always wanted to test out whether they would work well in a product review so here's a bit about an affiliate marketing book currently for sale. More

06/08/07 - Out Of The Box Is Fine But...

When it comes to web applications, I tended to fall back on a portfolio of open source applications. For blogs, I would use Nucleus, for content management, Website Baker was my preferred weapon. The only problem with this is the Website Baker wasn't as flexible as I required it to be and Nucleus now appears to be a stagnant project.

Lately, I've been using a lot of hand coded solutions as these do exactly what I want. I don't need a spiffingly wonderful backwnd if it's just me using it. I don't need plugins and modules that I never use. More

06/08/07 - New Templates Website

I launched Price Tapestry Templates last week and haven't had a chance to blog about it yet. So here goes! More

19/07/07 - Non-Intrusive Ads

I stumbled across some great code that generates non-intrusive adverts. At the top right hand side of this page, there's a triangle reading "Click Here". Hover over this and it reveals a large advert. More

26/06/07 - Playing With Google Maps

With a little help from Mike Williams' website and a lot of code hacking, I have customised the Hotel Room UK map of hotels to this: More

20/06/07 - Amazon Context Links - A Must Have

I've just taken a look at Amazon's new widget (called Context Links) and I can firmly say - WOW! More

19/05/07 - My Travel Website

I've nearly finished Hotel Room UK, a website specialising in (well) hotel rooms!

This is my first travel site and I thought I could do with one in my portfolio! More

16/05/07 - David's Content Management System (CMS)

I've just posted a note about downtime because of changes to my broadband supply.

That means I'm going to be Internet-less for 2 weeks. Eek!

So as a precaution, I'm currently building a CMS package. More

08/05/07 - Lingerie Makeover

Lingerie Helper has had a drastic makeover!

I felt the old Price Tapestry template was a bit cluttered and bland. More

24/04/07 - Website Analysis For Crazy Frog Fans

Today's analysis is of Crazy Frog Fans. More

23/04/07 - Website Analysis For Posh Test

Here is another analysis, this time for Posh Test. More

22/04/07 - Website Analysis For Problem Exchange

Today I'm walking you through Problem Exchange.

There's a prerequisite with this one so here it is: More

21/04/07 - Website Analysis For Mobile Cellphone Ringtones

Today's analysis is for Mobile Cellphone Ringtones. More

20/04/07 - Website Analysis For Chavs Test

You may remember a few weeks ago I offered free website analysis for 5 lucky website owners. 2 very lucky website owners came forward with five sites between them.

So here goes!

Today's website analysis is for Chavs Test.

10/04/07 - It's here!

It's here! I've released the new version of Compare Sat Nav.

Here's an outline of the new (dare I say it, ground breaking) features! More

10/04/07 - The New Site Is Coming....

I thought I would post a couple of seminars - the first is a look at Compare Sat Nav in it's current form; the second will look at the new version.

So, here's a look at what the site does now, what's wrong with it and what works. More

02/04/07 - Website Analysis Update

Thank you to the whole.....2 people who submitted websites for analysis.

However, between them, there are five to tear apart so these should be on this site next week. More

01/04/07 - Free Website Analysis - Last Chance!

I'm quite disappointed at the turnout and presume that either not many want a free website analysis, several links from a PageRank 3 website to theirs or some helpful hints.

If you would like these, please send me your link by 8pm tonight. More

27/03/07 - Building For The Future

There are still quite a few people who don't understand SEO. That's fine. Not everyone needs to understand it.

But many overlook the design aspect of it. More

23/03/07 - Website Development

Compare Sat Nav is coming on in leaps and bounds.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but it really helps when you have your own library of scripts. More

22/03/07 - Drowning In Code!

I've been working on version 2 of Compare Sat Nav today.

I can't give too much away yet but there will be some juicy features in version two. More

20/03/07 - Small Is The New Big

Yahoo has been around for a long time and so have the adverts that appear on it.

But affiliates is the main have yet to catch onto the idea of using small adverts. More

14/03/07 - And The Award Goes To Paid On Results


Which award has Paid on Results won?

The "We approve websites instantly and most of our programs are auto-accept" award! More

12/03/07 - Website Forms Security Hole

I wouldn't necessarily call it a security hole but it may be for some people.

And all you need to expose it is the Web Developer Extension and a copy of Firefox. More

08/03/07 - BlogRoll To Be Re-built

I am going to rebuild BlogRoll next week as it is starting to show some cracks.

Rather than use my own code, I am going to use dedicated software. More

05/03/07 - BlogRoll Back Again!

I stumbled across a problem on Saturday in that my blogroll wasn't playing like it should!

A couple of the RSS feeds weren't parsing properly. More

01/03/07 - User Submitted Content

It's the future!

In this modern age, users are now used to tagging and sharing. They are used to having their own mark on the Internet.

But how can we take advantage of this? More

16/02/07 - A Feed To Rule Them All

The response to my blogroll has been great though I'm not seeing a lot of reciprocal linking :-(

Also, I've yet to see a blog post about the blogroll. What happened to my name in lights?!

Anyhow, I have extended the blogroll to a new RSS feed which is located at More

07/01/07 - Navigation Compaction

Oh dear, it's changed again!

Website design is an art - it is never finished even when you think it is. What looks good today looks bad tomorrow and worse the day after! If you hate website designs that change regularly, avoid CSS Play as the design over there changes each time the wind changes!

So what have I done? This!

Compare Sat Nav - New Navigation More

07/01/07 - Psychological Changes

I love psychology. I am a very analytical person and like to interpret view and opinions of others and relate them back to practical aspects of their life.

Whilst reading Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time last night, I stumbled across a chapter that was right up my street - the psychology of visitors.

Compare Sat Nav has a clean layout but it still isn't converting anywhere near the 1% I had hoped. More

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