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That's All Folks - For Now At Least

Since November 2007 I've been keeping a public diary of my life in affiliate marketing but times are changing. Whereas I used to post every few days (okay at least weekly!) I know find myself posting on a monthly basis or even less. So I've taken the decision to follow suit with pretty much most other affiliate blog I used to read often and close my blog.
This blog was designed to help both myself and fellow newbies through documenting my own progress in affiliate marketing. However, times are changing. As the industry has matured, it has become dominated by many successful corporate entities. What used to be a bedroom hobby-come-business now has become a professional industry. With the wrath of Google Panda and Penguin added to this, many of my readers have given up or have moved on. As such, I'm no longer writing to the same audience I once was, if an audience still exists at all.

As the industry becomes more grown-up, inevitably businesses start to take note and most of the focus goes on the bottom line. I'm no different and I have to consider my own bottom line. This blog has made little, if any, money during the 6 and a bit years it has been running. Despite various attempts to make it earn its keep, it just hasn't performed. If it were any other of my portfolio sites I would have dropped it years ago. But I had a soft spot for one of the first websites I built.

Furthermore, social media has taken over as I spend more time on Twitter than I do on this blog. 140 characters is much easier and quicker to type than a full blog post :-)

There once was a place for a blog like mine but now I don't think there is a place left. It no longer makes sense to maintain it. Obviously there's an "unless" clause just-in-case I need or want to blog whilst the site is still available (you know, when some global corporation with deep pockets buys one of my sites (lol) or I land a terrific affiliate marketing job!).

At some point in time though the blog will disappear making way for a CV or some other tomfoolery.

Thank you to all my readers for your support.


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